About us

About us

About Perch Perspectives

Perch Perspectives was founded by former Stratfor and Geopolitical Futures analyst Jacob L. Shapiro on the idea that history, culture, and human experiences are as important to business and political strategies as power dynamics, economics, and geography. An analysis of history is an analysis of power. Economics is a representation of culture. Human experience is defined by geography. These forces are inseparable, and we strive to understand the roles they play in identifying and solving important business and political challenges for clients.

Our team of writers, researchers, and analysts is guided by a set of principles that enhance existing approaches to geopolitical risk assessments and decision-making for business executives and policymakers.

Our commitment

We are committed to doing things differently.

We believe that unique challenges demand unique solutions and that you can’t apply a universal methodology to every single problem or question. Complex global issues require new approaches and alternative ways of thinking.

The future is never prewritten despite the irony that we’re in the business of writing about it. We study the past and anticipate the future not for its own sake, but to impact our clients’ decision-making in the present.

We acknowledge our biases instead of denying they exist. Ignoring bias is a fallacy, and the belief that people and organizations are powerless to affect their own circumstances is a disservice to our clients and our own work.

Our team

Jacob Shapiro Perch Perspectives

Jacob L. Shapiro

Founder and Chief Strategist
Jacob oversees Perch Perspectives’ strategic direction and client engagements. He has earned a reputation as a prolific researcher, writer, and analyst who embraces unconventional thinking and direct client collaboration. He believes in challenging traditional perspectives and ideas to give clients the agency to proactively solve business problems.
Mike Krell ASA CRAIG

Mike Krell

Chief Executive Officer
As chief executive officer, Mike spearheads business development, builds long-term client relationships, oversees company finances and operations, and tracks new markets and emerging trends to drive business growth.
Gwen Young Headshot

Gwen Young

VP of Business Development & Global Consulting
As vice president of business development and global consulting, Gwen creates value for clients through her extensive expertise in international affairs, public policy, NGOs and nonprofits, and global humanitarian efforts.
Dana Baruch Headshot

Dana Baruch

Senior Strategic Adviser
Dana Baruch is Perch Perspectives’ senior strategic adviser, working with the internal team to enhance the collaborative consulting engagements and analysis for which the firm is known.