Climate Geopolitics with Tom Raftery of SAP

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Climate Geopolitics with Tom Raftery of SAP

Happy Tuesday Perchers! Last week you got a surprise podcast with friend-of-the-show “Cousin Marko” – this week, it’s back to our regularly scheduled Perch Pod programming with Tom Raftery, a Global VP and futurist at SAP. 

Click here to listen(and please leave us a rating). If you don’t want to listen but still want to read along, you can read the transcript by clicking here.

Obviously, we’re biased, but we think this was a particularly great episode. Tom and Jacob talked about SAP’s new “Climate 21” initiative, which is designed to help companies get a better handle on their carbon emissions and the larger role we all play in environmental change. Unlike most geopolitics content out there, this particular podcast was overwhelmingly positive. We focused on possibilities instead of constraints, on change instead of the status quo, while wrestling with the difficult question of what it means to be a global citizen in these crazy times.

In that sense, it’s in perfect keeping with our mission here at Perch: to give our clients and readers and friends the agency to influence their own outcomes. Managing risk is not just about resilience and minimizing the downsize. It’s also about using knowledge to capitalize on opportunities. 

So cheers to Tom for coming on and to all of you for following along. 

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