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Supply Chain

Global supply chains are being dismantled piece by piece as COVID-19 accelerates the shift toward multipolarity. Regional power blocs and evolving centers of gravity around the world will force companies to establish more diverse supply chains that emphasize resilience and adaptability, and new bases of production that will be prone to protectionism and interstate conflict.


Aerospace markets and businesses face significant economic, reputational, political, and manufacturing challenges. Industry decision-makers, however, are often presented with flawed and lofty projections and analysis that make it more difficult to develop and implement impactful business strategies.


Agriculture markets, particularly domestically, are critically dependent on exports to offload surplus yet lack intellectually honest, politically unbiased perspectives that can help businesses navigate increasing geopolitical complexity. Food is becoming a strategic resource in the same way oil and energy have been for more than a century, but the industry is still largely mired by a business-as-usual mentality that makes it difficult to adapt to new political and economic paradigms.


The energy industry today is facing the most massive geopolitical transformation since the discovery of the world’s largest source of petroleum in Saudi Arabia in 1938. Climate change, the U.S.’s shift to net oil exporter, and the rise of Asia’s critical need to access and secure energy resources are just a few of the issues that will fundamentally alter industry dynamics and affect every energy company in some way. Access to clinically unbiased and politically unmotivated perspectives at local, regional, and international levels will be more critical to business strategies than ever before.


The advances of the Digital Age have not inoculated the tech industry from political risk. On the contrary, the globalization of technology supply chains has left technology companies disproportionately vulnerable to geographic forces and interstate conflict. The competition for power between China and the U.S. is only in its introductory phase and heralds more decoupling to come. More parity in the relative power of nations will inevitably lead to the emergence of rivals spheres of political influence, each with their own technological imperatives.

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Modern companies, governments, and organizations are forced to maneuver through more geopolitical complexity than at any other time in history. Constantly evolving international affairs have cascading effects that impact expansion strategies, supply chains, geographic regions, business units, and entire corporations.

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