Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance and Cardano


Cryptocurrency, Decentralized Finance and Cardano

Greetings loyal Perch readers!

If you’re like most of the rest of the world, you’ve probably noticed that everyone and their mom is talking about cryptocurrency these days.

Comedian Bill Maher featured the subject on his most recent episode of Real Time and called it “an open Ponzi scheme” and “Easter Bunny cartoon cash.”

Venerable investor Charlie Munger didn’t pull any punches last week either, declaring that cryptocurrency “is disgusting and contrary to the interests of civilization.” Wow!

Perhaps there is even someone in your family crazy enough to be trading Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency created as a joke with a Shiba Inu as its emblem and subsequently pumped by Elon “Rocket Man” Musk to the bleary-eyed masses. (We’ve got one or two in our family, full disclosure.)

Oddly enough, we have been focusing on cryptocurrency too – and while we understand why Maher, Munger, and others are so skeptical of crypto, we’re also tempted to say, “OK, Boomer.” 

Yes, things like Doge are speculative Ponzi schemes and pose serious risks to individual investors and perhaps even the entire financial system.

But what is happening in the crypto space – and with the application of blockchain technology in general – is way more complicated, disruptive, and potentially even revolutionary than these headlines would let on. And – you guessed it – has profound implications for geopolitics as well.

As a result, we invited Garry Golden, a brilliant futurist and all-around nice dude, to come on our podcast and discuss cryptocurrency. The episode is basically a “101” class on what cryptocurrency is and dives into the cryptocurrency Garry thinks could change the world, especially the vast quantity of it that remains “unbanked.” (You’ll have to listen to find out which one!)

Here is a link to the episode, and here a link to a transcript of the episode. Let us know what you think, feel free to share widely – and don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to talk more about the intersection of crypto and geopolitics and how it might affect your investments or business. As always, you can just reply back to this e-mail or write to us directly at if you need to get in touch.