Internal Israeli Politics w/ Nitzan David Fuchs


Internal Israeli Politics w/ Nitzan David Fuchs

Hello Perch-friends!

We recorded a podcast on Israel post-elections a few weeks ago with an Israeli geopolitical analyst. We released the episode on Monday morning. You can listen here or read the transcript by clicking here.

Obviously, we had no way of knowing that the current Gaza-Israel war was going to break out just a few weeks after we recorded the podcast (otherwise we would have published it sooner!). 

Even so, we think the episode still offers an insightful view of the world from Israel’s perspective and indeed foreshadows some of the tragic violence that has unfolded in the past week. 

In addition, Jacob recorded a new brief introduction to the podcast to offer some personal thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 

We hope you enjoy the episode and as always welcome your feedback – email us at, or reply to this email. Also please feel free to share widely or to leave a review or comment, if you have the time.

One more thing –

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict generates strong and visceral political reactions on all sides – reactions that we think it is fair to say are disproportionate to the conflict’s importance in global affairs.

It is not our place to justify those responses, but to try to explain, as objectively as possible, why these things are happening and what is going to happen next

That is the approach we take in all of our work – whether it is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the ongoing Myanmar civil war, semiconductor shortages, the deterioration of Ethiopian democracy, or Chile’s huge election upset this week. 

Indeed, the sheer level of nonsensical noise you hear in the media about these sorts of developments, which eventually fades into the previous news cycle once the next big thing blows up, is pretty much the reason we exist in the first place!

We believe it is more important than ever – and more difficult than ever – to find unvarnished, objective analysis and insights about what is happening in the world and how it affects you, your business, or your investments.

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