Reflecting and Breaking down the Idea of Geopolitics with Professor and Author Phil Kelly

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Reflecting and Breaking down the Idea of Geopolitics with Professor and Author Phil Kelly

Happy Tuesday! We published our latest podcast this week. We were lucky enough to be joined by one of the best and most interesting scholars of geopolitics around today: Professor Phil Kelly of Emporia State University.

Oftentimes, we get emails from readers and followers asking, “what should I read if I want to understand more about geopolitics?” Professor Kelly’s “Classical Geopolitics” is always one of our first recommendations; indeed, it is required reading for any Perch Perspectives analyst-in-training. One of the many reasons we were so happy Professor Kelly agreed to join us!

Professor Kelly also happens to be one of the only geopolitical experts out there whose focus is primarily on Latin America. Yet another reason we wanted to have him on the show because we have been focusing a lot on Latin America over at our LatamPolitik newsletter, which should check out if you haven’t already!

This particular podcast episode is proudly nerdy, as we dive deep into what geopolitics means, how to apply it to real-world situations, and specifically, what geopolitics tells us about North and South America. If you’d rather read than listen, you can find a transcript of our conversation with Professor Kelly here.

As always, write to us if you have feedback or questions, or comments about the podcast, or just need to talk to an analyst with geopolitical expertise about a topic or investment you are currently dealing with. If you haven’t already rated the podcast on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts, consider doing that too!

We appreciate all of you so much and will see you bright and early with the week in review on Friday. ¡Salud y pesetas y mantente fuera de problemas!