Dana Baruch

Senior Strategic Adviser

Dana Baruch has more than two decades of experience leading, guiding, and consulting companies and their executives. As senior strategic adviser, she applies her expertise in leadership development, group dynamics, and corporate engagement to Perch Perspectives’ management team to create and execute leadership, staffing, training, and organizational growth and development initiatives.

A highly skilled facilitator and an expert in team-building, Dana works with the Perch Perspectives team to establish goals, help the organization achieve desired outcomes for clients and drive business growth.

Dana holds a master’s degree in education from Tufts University, a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Michigan and is a certified life coach. She is active on several local and national nonprofit boards and has worked with organizations of all sizes across a range of industries, educational institutions (nursery school – university), Jewish communal organizations, start-up organizations, and small-medium sized nonprofit organizations