Jacob Shapiro Perch Perspectives

Jacob L. Shapiro

Founder and Chief Strategist

If you asked Jacob what career he wanted to pursue 20 years ago, business and political consultant would’ve fallen somewhere between musician, rabbi, philosopher, and NBA commentator, and certainly below professional cheeseburger critic. His seemingly wide-ranging interests and hobbies bely their fundamental commonalities. 

Music, theology, philosophy, culture, good food. These are just some of the many things that define us as humans, shape our respective world views and impact how we make decisions. It should be a surprise to no one, then, that Jacob believes the best way to advise business leaders and policymakers is the one that places humans at its center.

It’s a unique approach in a field that largely prioritizes determinism over human agency and universal methodologies over adaptable processes. In founding Perch Perspectives, Jacob is offering clients something new. He’s taking the lessons learned from a decade as an analyst and writer at Stratfor and Geopolitical Futures and building on top of them—finding a higher perch, one might say. His ultimate goal—and that of the firm he founded—is to offer clients best-in-class writing and political analysis and, just as importantly, a different, more comprehensive perspective of the forces that shape the world and impact business or political decisions.