The Geopolitics of Japan with Stephen Nagy

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The Geopolitics of Japan with Stephen Nagy

Happy Tuesday, friends! Two Tuesdays down, 50 more to go in 2021. Our first podcast of 2021 is officially out – Stephen Nagy joined Jacob to talk about all things Japan. 

A reminder that we are now generating rough transcripts for all podcast episodes if you’d rather read than listen along (you can find the transcript on our website or by clicking here). 

In the episode, Stephen and Jacob touch on a number of key points, including what Japanese history might be able to tell us about China’s future, how Japanese domestic politics might evolve in the post-Shinzo Abe era, and how Japanese foreign policy is changing in response to a more challenging geopolitical environment. 

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As always, stay safe (and warm) out there. We hope snow in Texas is not a sign of things to come in the year ahead, but come hell or high water, we’ll be with you every step along the way.