The Geopolitics of Romania with Radu Magdin

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The Geopolitics of Romania with Radu Magdin

Happy Tuesday! We hope you are all having a great week. 

We published our latest podcast yesterday. You can listen by clicking here, or you can read the transcript by clicking here. Our guest for the podcast was Radu Magdin, a former advisor to Romania’s Prime Minister among his many other impressive titles and jobs. We talked about Romania’s view of the world, especially how it sees China, the U.S., and Russia. How many podcasts do you listen to where the guest is recording in Transylvania? None, that’s how many. Give it a listen.

If you missed last Friday’s weekly round-up, a reminder that we have joined forces with the good people at VisualPolitik to create a new, Latin America-themed newsletter called LatamPolitik. If you want more Perch in your life, or if you have a special interest in Latin American geopolitics but don’t have the budget for a full consulting arrangement, consider signing up for the newsletter by clicking here. You can choose whether to sign up in English, or Spanish, or both, and the cost is just $5 bucks a month. It’s like buying us a beer once a month.

Last but not least: as you have all no doubt experienced in your own lives, the pandemic has made business development pretty weird! We can’t wait till vaccines are plentiful and we can get back on the road to make new connections and share our perspectives with rooms full of people trying desperately to stay awake after lunch at a conference. In the meantime, we are relying mainly on word of mouth and personal connections to find new clients. 

So, if we may be so bold, dear readers: if you, or someone you know, might be a potential Perch client, reply to this e-mail, or e-mail us at to set up a time for a virtual coffee to talk about whatever you might need, no strings attached. We’d super appreciate it, and we super appreciate you!

¡Hasta proxima!