The Geopolitics of Scotland

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The Geopolitics of Scotland

Happy Tuesday Perchers! Hope you enjoyed our last podcast on climate withTom Raftery, a Global VP, and futurist at SAP. We have a treat for you this week, Tom Macleod, an anchor, and journalist from Sky News joins us to talk all things Scotland.  If you’ve been following along, you know that we sometimes joke that Boris could be the last PM of the United Kingdom. Click here to listen and find out why. And if you don’t want to listen but still want to read along, you can read the transcript by clicking here.

Tom has a particular affinity for Scotland, and we delve into everything from Scottish independence (when, how, if) to their potential relationship with the rest of the world — if independence were to happen. Currency, security, trade relations,  given Boris Johnson just unceremoniously tromped through Scotland saying fugetaboutit, Tom gives us a bit deeper insight into if a referendum will happen and if so how will Scotland deal with it and the broader world.

We also spend time talking about the general European community, its relationship to the US and China, a bit about Russia, and finish out playing some “over/under”.  Truly a podcast not to be missed.

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So cheers to Tom for coming on and to all of you for following along. 

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