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Every great consulting relationship is built on trust. We want to earn yours.


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In every engagement with Perch Perspectives, our clients can expect:

Frequent access to and collaboration with senior writers, researchers, and advisers. Both are critical to a client’s ability to truly understand the various global and regional forces that could influence decisions and impact outcomes. Both are also necessary to build a relationship of trust between our clients and our team.
To have their views, biases, and opinions challenged through rigorous research and analysis.
Tailored research and analysis that don’t lean on any one universal methodology or school of thought. Our approach emphasizes independent, unique, and unconventional ways of thinking that adapt to each client’s specific set of circumstances and needs.
Best-in-class writing and deliverables that are equal parts engaging and informative.
A different perspective informed by human experience, historical context, cultural nuances, geographic and regional expertise, and current and future economic and political developments. We strive to meld a diverse collection of perspectives to ultimately arrive at the best possible answer.